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Childrens' Books

Mani Manigórdez

Mani Manigórdez is a series of books of Mani, a Panamanian Ocelot and his friends.

The story is created by Manuel Paz who has a long background on scripts and theater.  It's a story about friendship, values, environmental protection, wildlife and adventure.

We finished the first book which is already for sale in Kindle and soon to be available in print.

There's a second book in process right now.

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  • Tuki: "Fito!, the fireplace is too close to the river!"

  • Fito: "Calm down, Tuki. I made it Tsunami-proof"
    Mani: "Cannooooooon..."

  • Mani: "BALLLLL"

  • Mani: "Water is great!"
    Everyone: "HAHA"

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