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Digital Illustration

Book covers

Book Covers

This is part of an on-going project called "Red de Dramaturgos de Panamá" (Playwrights network of Panama)

These are the covers made to illustrate the plays listed on this site.

  • Amnesia

  • Cena Thanksgiving

  • Dialogos

  • Elextranhocaso

  • Leyenda Mar Del Sur

  • Portada Ysm

  • Portada 1989

  • Quevenga

Clothing design

Print-on-demand Store on Shopify

This is my own print-on-demand store called where you'll see new designs every week.

We've separated the store in three niches:  Geeky designs referencing pop culture, Ethnic inspired clothing using patterns of all the races in Panama and Catholic designs.

I've used here all my illustration techiniques from pixelart, to graphic design to digital painting and I've been even using my own halftone painting technique for some portraits.

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Froggy Mercury

I made this as a joke inspired on the iconic Queen concert at Wimbledon in 1986.

It was drawn in Affinity Photo and then passed to clipstudio to add the paper texture.

Soon I'll be putting link to buy prints

Mani Manigórdez

Mani Manigórdez is a series of books of Mani, a Panamanian Ocelot and his friends.

The story is created by Manuel Paz who has a long background on scripts and theater.  It's a story about friendship, values, environmental protection, wildlife and adventure.

We finished the first book which is already for sale in Kindle and soon to be available in print.

There's a second book in process right now.

You can follow Mani Manigórdez on Instagram

  • Tuki: "Fito!, the fireplace is too close to the river!"

  • Fito: "Calm down, Tuki. I made it Tsunami-proof"
    Mani: "Cannooooooon..."

  • Mani: "BALLLLL"

  • Mani: "Water is great!"
    Everyone: "HAHA"

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Vstrom 250 Akira Livery

Vstrom 250 (2018) Livery based in the Anime Akira

Just for fun, I was playing with the shadows and lights and decided to create a livery I could replicate by only painting the gas tank and the nose.

I took some ideas from the liveries used on desert competitions and played with the white stripes to give the idea of a bigger bike.

  • Close up view of the Vstrom 250 Based in the Anime Akira

    Close Up - Vstrom 250 2018 Akira

  • Full view of the Vstrom 250 based in the Anime Akira

    Full view Vstrom 250 2018 - Akira

Webtoon: Dumpsterball

Webtoon: Dumpsterball

In mid-2024 I started my own Webtoon called Dumpsterball about several characters I had previously developed with my drawings and some courses on character developing.

I recently bought a UE12 plus drawing tablet from Ugee and finally started to put all things together: drawing, designing, character developing, storytelling, the use of Affinity Photo and Designer. All.

In the end, the story goes as an android called 22 starts to get interested in human things and meets a friend.  Then, as characters are showing on the story, new adventures develop around 22, his friends and a crazy sport called Dumpsterball.

Read it now on Webtoon